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SC26 Magnetic Field Cancelling System

Wafer transport robots in 300mm wafer fabs. make 9 kHz fields that limit the performance of electron beam tools and are a barrier to achieving the next semiconductor CD node. The SC26 is a wide bandwidth system that can cancel magnetic fields from DC to above 9 kHz. To achieve its wide bandwidth, the SC26 uses low inductance field cancelling cables, installed in the electron beam tool enclosure.
The SC26 has inputs for two 200 kHz AC field sensors (blue) that it can mix to optimise the electron beam tool performance. These provide useful cancelling down to 10 Hz.Cancelling can be extended down to DC by adding a “Sensor SC24/DC+AC” and a sensor combiner for each input channel used.
The SC26 cannot be used with larger cables in a “room” installation like our SC24 system which operates at lower frequencies.
SC26 Features
  1. Makes the ambient magnetic field “OK” for electron beam tools in 300 mm wafer fabs
  2. Simultaneous AC & DC field display with choice of Tesla or Gauss unit
  3. Adapts to field amplitude and frequency changes within 10 μs
  4. Touch screen intelligent user interface with automatic setup and DC reset
  5. Real time, wideband cancelling from DC to > 9 kHz fields
  6. Ethernet and USB ports for remote operation and monitoring

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