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Spicer Consulting SC11


Spicer Consulting SC28


Magnetic Field Cancelling System

Herz Product

EM Acoustic Enclosure

Herz Avi200

Active Vibration Isolation System

Kct Agent Melbuild Tem Holder Double Tilt Ln2 Atmos Defend Holder (1)

Double Tilt LN2 Atmos Defend Holder


Continuous Environmental

Continuous environmental surveillance guarantees high-quality electron microscope imaging

Electron microscopes (EMs) are vital quality control (QC) tools in semiconductor production, helping manufacturers to guarantee a high standard of product. However, the precision of ...
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Continuous Environmental Monitoring

Optimising electron microscope performance via continuous environmental monitoring

The unparalleled magnification capabilities of electron microscopes (EMs) make them indispensable for applications requiring nanometre scale imaging.
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Industrial Field

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Spicer Consulting Nov 2019
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